Latton Basin Open Day
Sunday June 1st 2008
      After weeks of planning and much hard work preparing the site for the Open Day, our nerves were on edge as the unpredictable weather continued. Our fears that the plan to use the adjacent field as the Car Park would be thwarted proved correct. It was so wet that it was just impossible to even contemplate using it. We had erected most of the tents on Saturday in the dry, so naturally Sunday started off wet. Not heavy rain but a humid drizzle which forced us to keep everything under cover. Fortunately by the time our visitors started to arrive the rain had stopped. Our reserve car park by Weymoor Bridge being much smaller was soon full. But thanks to the kindness of the owner of Waterpark Storage Ltd. who allowed us to use his land we had sufficient space. There was a steady stream of people including many of Alfred Howse's descendents.
        Along with our display of Latton Basin material we also had displays from the Somersetshire Coal Canal, Cotswold Canals Trust and the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust.  This certainly added to the interest and reinforced the idea that our groups do not work in isolation.
        At the end of the day it was judged to have been a success.  Although we had hoped for a greater number of visitors given the weather conditions throughout the area we were very pleased with the turnout.
         As well as saying thank you to everyone that visited our thanks and appreciation goes out to all those who put in so much hard work before, during and after the event.
June 08 001 This was to be our car park. But the rains put paid to this plan.
  June 08 002

Our tents were erected on the Saturday and John, with his four legged friend acted as security overnight, staying in his caravan.

June 08 003
In spite of some early rain the day eventually brightened and the visitors started to arrive.

The early tea break was essential.

June 08 004
June 08 005

June 08 006
June 08 007

Our Friends from Cotswold Canals Trust


June 08 008
June 08 009

Somersetshire Coal Canal also came to support us.

June 08 010
June 08 011

June 08 012
June 08 013

The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust supplied most of the tents and a great deal of the manpower.

The Basin display had a marquee to itself.


June 08 014
June 08 015
Thanks to the efforts of one of our members we had some great display material.

June 08 016
June 08 017
Even more thanks to Graham, our archaeologist, who has been surveying and recording as we progress. We had the results of his work expertly laid out.

June 08 018
June 08 019

June 08 020
June 08 021

June 08 022
June 08 023

Elsie and Dmitry "manned " the refreshments and did a fantastic job.

June 08 024
June 08 025
The view west from the flood relief aqueduct.

The view to the east.


June 08 026
June 08 027

June 08 028
June 08 029

June 08 030
June 08 031
Because of the uncertain state of the aqueduct the lock is being cleared the old fashion way -- with a shovel.

The brick invert at the lock entrance. The gate swung on the right hand side.

June 08 032
June 08 033
The lock gate closed in to this recess.

This purpose of this is still a matter of debate.

June 08 034
June 08 035
We have also found a number of stones with carvings on them; unfortunately broken.


June 08 036
June 08 037




June 08 038
June 08 039



These pins were part of the lock gate assembly.


June 08 040
June 08 041
The odd old bottle turns up.


June 08 042
June 08 043  

June 08 044
June 08 045

June 08 046
June 08 047

Mill Leat in foreground with the remains of aqueduct behind.

June 08 048
June 08 049

The stone wall to right of aqueduct was to prevent the water flowing down the leat from damaging the Basin walls.

June 08 050
June 08 051
The abutments of the Junction Bridge.


June 08 052
June 08 053

The bottom of the aqueduct over the leat was lower than the water surface, so there was a siphon under it.  The wooden stake marks the upstream edge of the siphon.

The downstream end.


June 08 054
June 08 055
Our resident family of ducks.
Visitors on the junction bridge.

June 08 056
June 08 057
The junction from across the Thames & Severn Canal.

Looking west down the Thames & Severn Canal.

June 08 058
June 08 059

June 08 060
June 08 061

T & S Weymoor Bridge.

June 08 062
June 08 063


June 08 064
June 08 065


June 08 066
June 08 067

Remains of junction bridge abutments.

June 08 068
June 08 069

June 08 070
June 08 071

................and  that final cup of tea.

June 08 072